Life insurance is probably one of the wisest investments an employee can make, however, it is one of the most unpopular subjects for discussion. In its most basic form, life insurance offers financial security to the families of an employee in the event of death by providing the funds necessary to settle obligations to cover the loss of income.

Life insurance provides policyholders with extraordinary leverage and the ability to create liquidity when it’s most needed. Many policies have an investment feature in which funds accumulate and can be used to pay future investments.

The types of life insurance are categorized as term or permanent insurance. Both offer basic coverage, but for different time periods.


Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage

This protection is especially important when you consider that accidents are the number one cause of death among people under the age of 39, the fourth leading cause of death for people of all ages; and 11 accidental deaths and 2300 disabling injuries occur every hour in the U.S.

AD&D can be offered to your employees, their spouses, and dependent children. Competitive maximum benefits are available, and death benefits are paid in addition to any life insurance benefits.

For injuries, AD&D typically pays benefits for accidental loss of limbs, thumb and index finger, speech, hearing and sight. Additional options let employers select more features and coverage for more types of injuries.

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