MHG offers a state of-the-art payroll solution through Black Tree Payroll Services. Our
payroll system reduces the costs associated with payroll administration for our clients.


1) Service
No call center here! You are given a dedicated Payroll Specialist who will cater to your every need and give you the personalized attention you deserve.

2) Total Tax Filing
We calculate, pay, and file your payroll taxes for you on the Federal, State, and Local levels at
no additional cost to you. We also share liability with you—so if we goof and it results in
penalties and interest we cover it.

3) Integrated Time and Attendance
Our time and attendance program is fully integrated into our payroll software so no need to audit then export files to and from both systems. With us, you will be able to access, audit,
and transfer time and attendance data all in the same place with one login and no files to
export/import! Use web, badge, or bio-metric clocks—choose what works best for you.

4) Employee Self Service Portal
Give access to paycheck history, forms, links, and other files to your employees in a secure
online environment. Employees will have the ability to update their own demographic
information without having to bother you to do it. The employee self service portal is fully
integrated with the payroll system so any changes an employee makes to the demographic information will reflect in the payroll system automatically.

5) Paperless Payroll
Welcome to the 21st century where paper is now obsolete when dealing with payroll. Our
system facilitates a complete paperless payroll experience by utilizing ACH direct deposit
technology to bank accounts and pay cards. Payroll reports and pay stubs are emailed in a
secure manner to you and your employees automatically. No need to print anything unless
you want to. If you still need physical checks, we can set you up with on-site check printing
so you can print checks right from your office! Going paperless eliminates lost or late
checks and trips to the bank.

6) Reports
Our payroll reporting capabilities are second to none. We give each of our clients full access
to over 400 reports at no additional charge. You will even have the ability to customize reports anytime you want using the robust Cyrstal Report Writer. The days of paying for reports is over!

7) Access
Our philosophy is to give our clients as much of the control and access to the payroll system’s features and data as we have. We do this so that our clients are liberated from the hassles of having to wait for their payroll company to make changes or send them reports. Our payroll system can be accessed anywhere in the world you have an internet connection using remote desktop technology. This means you get all the advantages of a robust desktop software
platform without having to install it on your computer.

8) HR Features
Our HR features come standard—no need to pay more to track all employee information such
as demographic, dependent, education, skills, and performance evaluations. If your company has some unique employee data tracking requirements you can customize and track them in our system. You also get an electronic file cabinet where you can upload documents such as I-9s, W-4, W-9s, etc…and store them right on our system so you can access them anywhere!